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Distance Reiki Works!

Updated: May 26, 2020

The first weekend I spent in classes learning reiki, I was fascinated to learn that reiki could be sent and used regardless of distance! It can be sent to anyone, anywhere.

All of our experienced reality is a flow of energy. Everything in the universe is connected and related through energy. The more we explore this scientifically, the more we see how true it is. Since reiki is pure energy, it can flow wherever it needs to, without limits of time and space.

What does that all mean for having a distance reiki session? It means I can perform a reiki treatment for you wherever you are! I love this type of session, as it allows a level of clarity not usually experienced with in-person sessions. A client doesn’t have to travel to me, and can enjoy the experience and benefits of reiki within their own comfortable space.

After receiving my first levels of reiki training, I wanted to practice with family members who were interested in reiki, but they live 9 hours away from me. That was not a problem for reiki! I was able to begin right away, offering the full benefits of a reiki treatment to my family, and I was honestly blown away at the results! I scheduled my first session with my sister. I planned to connect to her with distance reiki, while she laid down and relaxed where she was at home. I worked with reiki as though she was laying in front of me receiving the treatment. I took notes of what things came through in her session, and encouraged her to journal about her experience after I’d finished.

When we were finished, and I was able to compare notes with her.

What we’d written matched nearly perfectly.

We were both amazed, and both had the wonderful sense of confirmation: distance reiki actually works.

Since reiki can be offered so easily from a distance, it allows me to reach more people and to offer much more treatment and care. The more I do it, the more I truly love the process, and I think you will too.

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02 jun 2020

This is a great site, Steve. I appreciate you sharing your experiences!❤

Me gusta
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