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Are You Grounded?

Do you ever feel like your body is struggling to handle what feels like a world of frantic energy its holding, and you'd happily do nearly anything to just let it all go?

I remember driving home from my day job one evening last summer, feeling so tense and uneasy for no reason I could think of. As I pulled my car up to the house, I had this thought that it would feel so nice to just go lay down on the lawn. So I did.

After about 15 minutes of lawn-time, I felt so different. The tension hadn’t vanished, but it wasn’t nearly as intense, and the uneasiness was gone. What had happened?

I had reconnected with the Earth’s energy.

The earth’s energetic field is ever-present, as it keeps us all constantly drawn in, pulling us downward. Imagine what the world would look like without that force in place. As much as we might curse gravity when we fall or notice sagging skin, the Earth does an awesome job of keeping chaos at bay by holding it all together, so to speak.

It felt pretty silly having come home from my adult job, walking from my adult car, to my adult house, and laying right down on the lawn. But the things we need most as adults are surprisingly the same things we needed when we were children: a snack, a nap, a laugh, time with friends, some time outside, ...

What is happening between us and the Earth that is so beneficial to our wellness? The Earth connection allows us to ground. When we connect with the Earth, all of the excess energy within us is released.

Humans are balls of bio-electric energy. As we navigate through all of life’s energies, we are constantly taking on the charges around us. Most of us don’t realize that what we’re carrying is not even ours to deal with, just extra stuff we’ve picked up that we don’t need. If we don’t discharge it, we begin to develop stories of how we are flawed or that there’s something wrong with us because we feel so off. Let me advise you: don’t follow that path! Get in the habit of grounding often to discharge all the excess energy baggage you find yourself lugging around.

Some of the scientific studies that have been done with grounding seem to indicate that grounding helps increase our feelings of balance and wellness, as well as reducing inflammation.

Everyone will have a different way that they prefer to ground themselves. Here are a few good ways and tips I’ve learned:

Walking barefoot on the Earth. There’s no more direct way to connect and ground than placing your bare feet right on the ground. This doesn’t work as well in winter months, but when the weather is mild, it’s my preferred way to get grounded. Even if you can’t go barefoot, a walk outside in nature is a buffet of Earth connections that our bodies need and crave.

Gardening. Working with plants and soil is a great way to get the benefits of grounding. If you’re not good with growing things, you can opt for touching/hugging a tree (this truly works. Try it).

You might also do a root chakra meditation, focusing on connecting your energy downward into the Earth. Imagine your breath synchronizing with the Earth’s rhythm, and your heartbeat aligning with the Earth’s energy. Picture your energy moving down into the Earth like the roots of a tree. This visualization can be done from anywhere, anytime you need to ground.

Taking an Epsom salt bath. The dissolved ions in salt are a great conductor, and attract out a ton of excess energy. Try adding a few drops of essential oil or some ground ginger to the bath (you’ll have to wash away the ginger after, but I love the comforting feel and the warming effect of ground ginger).

Holding crystals or stones. Carry them with you if you need to. I love petrified wood, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, and hematite (but any nice, plain rock from outside will help you ground when you’re in a pinch). Also, if you’ve got selenite around, it is another great crystal for clearing up energy.

Certain foods are also good for grounding, like rooted plants, iron-rich foods, and foods that are red, brown, or orange.

Thumb pressing. Your thumbs have a link to energy meridians in your body, and applying gentle pressure to the pads of your thumbs is a quick and easy way to help ground your energy. Lay the pad of one thumb onto the pad of the other, and gently press them together with your index fingers.

This really does help in moments when you can’t easily ground in other ways.

The last tip is one I learned recently: rub the bottom of your foot with a metal spoon. You can do this with your socks on or off, but here’s what is happening: the energy centers at the bottoms of our feet can close off and grounding becomes difficult. The charge in the metal ions helps open up those energy centers, allowing you to make a better connection with the Earth’s energy.

With all that being said, reiki treatment is a really great way to quickly get your energy cleared up, balanced, and re-grounded. It’s direct and efficient and you can receive it from wherever you’re at! I’d be happy to do a distance session with you!

I think that about does it for this topic! Please comment, and tell me your favorite ways and tips to ground!

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1 Comment

Jun 02, 2020

I knew a bit about grounding, but you shared some helpful tips about things I didn't know about. Thank you❤

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