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Familiar Wounds

I'm going to take you back with me to the time just after I had learned how to use reiki.

Having access to an energy source like Holy Fire© Reiki was amazing. I was working with it in self-sessions to go gently within and heal what came up for me.

In my usual meditation sessions, I would start to feel that energy flow in automatically any time I would get still and quiet. I was experiencing deep and loving healing, and it began to build my confidence in knowing I was working with something real and something I could truly share to benefit others.

Once I began offering reiki to others, I noticed an interesting pattern: people would come to me sharing what issue they were wanting to have addressed, and what they were sharing would align so perfectly with something I myself was currently dealing with.

My initial feeling was one of worry, that since I was dealing with something so similar, how could I possibly help someone else? I felt completely unprepared. I felt inadequate.

But I would almost immediately feel the flow of reiki energy, activating within my body, flowing out to my hands to begin treatment. Even though I felt inadequate, I knew it wasn't me offering the healing anyway, and that reiki was showing up to do the healing.

One of the most beautiful aspects of working with reiki (and why it is my foundational modality) is that the reiki practitioner receives reiki as they are channeling the energy to the client. What I soon learned was that both the client and I were able to receive the healing needed for the issue we were both needing help with.

A few key truths came out of those experiences:

First, that I am not the one doing the healing; I'm just providing the clearest channel I can for the reiki energy to flow in and do the healing, and that I can trust the process and not have to worry.

Second, that clients were coming to me with needs that matched my own, because the source of reiki was ready to come through for both of us -allowing me to be in a place of true compassion and holding a very safe space for the client's healing.

As I continued working with reiki, I would do more self-healing and work to deeply understand many of my personal layers of healing. As I learned and healed certain aspects of myself, clients would show up needing help with issues I had just worked through for myself. It's as though the frequency I held after my own healing would radiate out to the clients who were needing that same energy to heal, and would feel called to seek reiki treatment from me. I would again be receiving even deeper healing myself as I invited reiki for the client to address the issue we were both working on.

It is truly beautiful to witness the ways the universe works to expand our healing. I continue to be amazed at what continues to unfold as I walk along the path of healing, honored to be joined by each beautiful being who feels drawn to the process.

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1 Comment

Alicia Deets
Alicia Deets
Jun 09, 2021

So fascinating!

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