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Finding Healing in Stillness

Each of us has our own response to stillness. A lot of us might feel uneasy in stillness, as we have become accustomed to the movement and constant buzz of life. We might unknowingly be using life’s busy routines and noise as a distraction from our own stillness.

If so, what are we avoiding? When we are still, we begin to go inward. Sometimes, what we encounter inward are the uncomfortable truths that are waiting to be addressed.

We all have them, and we all have a natural avoidance reaction to them.

Self-judgment, an awareness of our own lack or insecurities or weakness, aspects we have come to see as weird or bad, etc.

When we shift out of avoiding our inward issues and learn a way of approaching them mindfully, we are well on our way to a place of real healing.

Meditation can be a gentle way of going to those places inside ourselves willingly, and in the way we choose.

Approaching these aspects from a place of love, with the intention of healing, makes a world of difference! You don’t have to go the road alone -there are plenty of resources for guided meditation out there. YouTube and the Insight Timer app have been great starting points for me.

Here’s an approach for turning inward that I LOVE:

Imagine gathering up all the love you have, and packing it up like a picnic. Imagine spelunking into the depths of your inner truths to the place of your discomfort. Seek it out. Then imaging laying out a blanket there, and inviting those most uncomfortable things to sit there with you, and sharing your love with those aspects of yourself. Imagine them as physical beings, and begin seeing and acknowledging them. You would be amazed at how powerful it can be to sit with your own discomfort, and working to heal it with love.

Stillness is revealing. It is powerful. It can become a place of sanctuary, a place of recharge, and of sacred personal healing. Allow yourself that space.

If you feel drawn to try a guided healing meditation with me, reach out and book a session with me. I’d love to assist you!


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