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My First Experience with Reiki

In the summer of 2018, my friend had completed her first levels of reiki training, and asked if she could come do a practice session for me. I was happy to let her practice on me, so we decided on a day when she could come over to do the session.

I’d never had a reiki session at that point, and was interested in what the experience would be like. I got comfortable on her table, and she sat down on a stool at my head. She positioned her hands on my head and began using reiki.

What I experienced surprised me. I quickly shifted into a relaxed state, and felt a subtle flow of warmth going to different parts of my body. Soon, my cat entered the room, and decided to jump up onto my chest. I was surprised by that, but noticed that he seemed interested in being with me for the session, like he sensed what was happening. He laid gently on my abdomen, with arms laid out in front of him, resting on the center of my chest. He stayed there for most of the rest of the session, not moving or shifting at all. (I would later learn how amazing animals are when it comes to tuning into energy -they are awesome natural healers.)

There was a point in the session where it felt like energetic blocks were being hefted out of my mind, almost like I had placed barriers in to protect parts of myself, and now it was time to remove them and begin a new phase of life. It felt like a lot of effort, and I had to consciously allow myself to let go of these barriers. Once they were gone, I was able to feel deeply relaxed again. Then, laying there with my eyes closed, I had this image of the face of a lioness come into my mind. She appeared in the most vibrant colors, and stared calmly into my face. I’d never experienced anything like this, but it felt so reassuring and good. I would come to know that the lioness is one of my animal guides, and that there was even more learning in store.

That session opened me up to the real possibilities for healing and growth that are available to all humans.

Most reiki sessions will not be as colorful or impactful as this session was for me, but what I love about reiki is that it will always offer you exactly what you need when you’re ready.

Since that session, I’ve had several reiki sessions, and each one was different. Some were a session where I didn’t experience much, but was able to fully enjoy deep relaxation, and then noticed the shift and balance in my energy afterwards.

Reiki will come to you in the exact way you need it, it’s always in perfect alignment with your own wellness and will always be exactly suited to what you need at the time.

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