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Worthiness and Healing

One of the most common sentiments people express in healing work is, “I don’t feel like I’m worthy.” Whether it’s a new Reiki practitioner, or someone receiving Reiki treatment, this seems to be an issue for most people.

Before I dig too far into the topic, let me share a secret: Reiki works anyway.

Reiki always meets you where you are.

Reiki comes to you from the highest form of goodness in the universe. It sees the true self under all of the human layers you’ve taken on in life. The concept of worthy or not worthy is not even a factor in the equation of Reiki. It is here to heal where it can, and that’s what it does.

Sometimes feelings of self-doubt or low self-worth arise at the time of treatment, and it’s very likely that those feelings are arising in the presence of Reiki, signaling their readiness to be healed. (They truly are beliefs or ideas before we ever accept them as part of our identity.)

The challenge to the Reiki client is to mentally move past the place of being blocked off by those feelings to a place of being mentally receptive, and allowing those aspects to be healed and released.

I’m not suggesting that people can act irresponsibly because Reiki will pick up the slack.

My experience is that when it comes to healing work, a practitioner can only operate effectively when they are personally aligned with the energy they want to work with. A Reiki practitioner can have feelings of unworthiness, and can move past them into a place of receiving Reiki for their clients. If we waited until we were perfect to start, we’d never begin. Reiki calls us to begin from our place of imperfection.

I’ve seen so many times that the people who have come to me for Reiki treatment have some of the exact same feelings and issues that I’ve had or am currently working through myself. I see that as Reiki aligning us in a way to provide safety and empathy for someone in need of healing. I find that beautiful and reassuring.

If you’re in a place of feeling less-worthy for whatever reason, I promise you, Reiki’s sight goes beyond that to the most authentic version of you, deep within your core. No actions or wrongs or stories or wounds can change that, and Reiki gently enters and illuminates, helping to heal the way you see yourself.

If you feel like you’d like to try Reiki for healing, I’d love to assist you. Book a session with me and let’s start healing together today.


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