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YOU Are the Healer

As I work with Reiki, as I use that energy to affect beneficial change in others, I have never once thought of myself as a healer.

When I use Reiki, I am working with a source of energy, and consider myself a key player in the process, but my main challenge in using reiki is to step back and allow that energy to flow, not allowing myself to get in the way of what is happening.

The most helpful analogy I’ve found yet is a water faucet. If Reiki were the water in this example, I would be the faucet. When the faucet is open, the water flows and can be directed as needed. But I wouldn’t call the faucet the source of water; it’s just one connection point to the source of water.

So when healing occurs, I don’t take credit for it. My role is not the healer.

The healer is the client;

the healer is you.

Being assisted and empowered by the energy of Reiki, each healing step can only be taken by you. Without your allowing or permitting the process, reiki will not help.

This has always been the case for me, and I feel honored to be allowed the sacred role of witnessing the healing work taking place within another person. My heart loves that sacred space and role, and I take pure joy in seeing the beauty of transformative healing within each person I work with.

If you're feeling drawn to try Reiki for your own healing, I would love to assist you!

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