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"You NEEDED it. ALL of it."

We all have wounds. The nature of this life is that we will not walk through it unscathed. Our bodies are natural healing machines, set up to immediately address any wound we might have.

Some wounds require emergency attention by skilled professionals, working with our bodies to set us on our path to healing and recovery.

We similarly face emotional wounding in life, all of varying intensity. These wounds take up space within us, and though others cannot physically see the scarring, the impact of emotional wounding is that it can shape our life story in profound ways.

Many of us buy into the story of our wounding, taking it as truth about who we are. Our traumatic moments can tend to stand out above all else in our minds and become what we build our stories around.

I was carrying an emotional wound of rejection.

This rejection hurt deeply and became a frequent source of emotional turmoil that would creep up on me and seemed to demand my attention.

As I worked to understand and heal this wound, I would invite reiki to illuminate the wound and help immerse it in healing. As I did this, messages of clarity began to flow out of the wound:

"You are craving acceptance."

"Self acceptance is your first step."

I continued to work on the layers of this issue for months.

One day I went out for a "reiki walk" by a river that flows through the city. While walking, my thoughts began to flow, and surprisingly, the memory of my emotional wounding came right to the surface. I leaned into the feelings around that wound and allowed myself to just be in it as I walked.

As I embraced this feeling, an answer emerged as a clear inner-voice:

"You NEEDED it. ALL of it."

In all of my work trying to understand how to work through this issue, I had never once allowed myself to consider that maybe I needed to go through that.

The inner voice resonated with a truth that shifted everything I felt about my prior experiences. There was power in the realization, and the way I perceived the wound had completely changed.

This moment of clarity allowed me to move forward, not defined by feelings of resentment or hate. I was even able to view those who I had felt hurt by with a light of compassion, not dismissing their actions, but having their motives be illuminated and shown in a different way, in a way that allowed compassion to flow in and begin offering healing to each of them too.

This experience transformed my deep wound into something sacred. My human experience and healing has equipped me with understanding and compassion I hadn't known before. This wound is no longer a trigger for me, and instead of reliving the emotions around it each time it comes to mind, I'm able to smile, hold my heart, and say "thank you".

We can find clarity and healing for each of life's most difficult challenges. Reiki can be a powerful support in the process.

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