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More About Reiki

Universal Life Force Energy

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Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction that can also aid the body in recovery and healing. The word Reiki is formed of the two Japanese words: Rei (which means God’s wisdom or Higher Power) and Ki (which means life force energy). In essence, Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy.


When someone receives reiki training, they are taught and given access to this flow of energy, and they primarily use their hands to send it in self-treatment and the treatment of others. The energetic nature of reiki allows it to work through hand placements or through treatment without touch, working in the person’s bio-field. 


Though many find rich spiritual connection through reiki, it is not a religion. It is practiced by people of all different backgrounds and beliefs, and is starting to be recognized and used in medical settings, as its benefits are becoming more widely understood.


Reiki works regardless of someone’s beliefs. I’ve found that it always comes to each person in the exact way that they need it. For some, that means it is a very practical means to reduce stress, and nothing more. And that’s exactly the way reiki will work for them.


Reiki can never cause harm. The nature of reiki energy is that it always works for a person’s highest good. 


The main process happening with reiki treatment is that reiki flows to any areas where energy is blocked or lacking in the body, and clears out blocks, restoring balance and natural flow. When a reiki practitioner sends reiki, they also receive the benefits of the reiki energy flowing through them, so both the practitioner and the client are receiving -which is why I love using reiki!


Reiki can be taught to anyone. There is no special requirement to learn and access reiki. People of all ages and walks of life are able to work with reiki. It is a beautiful healing gift, and it’s my hope that more people find their way to reiki.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Reiki actually work?

The best answer to this question might be, try it and see! There is no better teacher than experience. I offer a great discount for first-time clients who would like to try reiki. Book a session and see what your experience is!

What happens in a Distance Reiki session?

Each practitioner will have their own approach to distance reiki. I like to start with a short phone visit to discuss what your needs are and maybe what you'd like to focus on in the session. We then end the phone call, and I work using reiki to treat you from where I'm at as though you were there in the room with me. During treatment, you can relax and rest. The treatment typically lasts about 30 minutes. Then I like to have a longer phone conversation with you about what came up or was noticed in the session, along with any insights that came to me. 

This format can be altered to suit what you prefer. Just contact me prior to the session so we can custom-fit the session to your needs.

I just love the clarity of distance reiki sessions, and am always surprised at how spot-on all of the details are that come through. 

How should I prepare for a Reiki session?

  • Drink some water! Staying hydrated helps keep energetic connection and flow. 

  • If you’re receiving a distant session, find a comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed.

  • Set an intention for the session. What needs healing? What’s causing worry or stress? What are you ready to release? This doesn’t have to be an elaborate process. Simply write down a few things that come to mind and intuit what feels best.

  • Trust that you will receive exactly what you need from the session.

Can Reiki be used on animals?

Absolutely! Animals are very sensitive to energy, and many are natural healers. Most animals welcome the chance to receive reiki. Reiki can also be given to plants, crystals, homes, and outdoor spaces.

What is Holy Fire® Reiki?

There are a lot of different styles of Reiki that have come about as people all over the world work with and develop ways of working with the energy of Reiki.

Holy Fire® Reiki is another form of Reiki. The energy of Holy Fire® Reiki tends to be both gentle and powerful. 

Can Reiki Cure my Illness?

Reiki is a complementary therapy. It is not a substitute for medical care. It has been shown to accelerate healing and recovery following medical treatment. It is both low cost, and no risk, and requires no equipment. It is becoming more widely recognized as a valuable complement to medical care, being offered in many prestigious care centers worldwide, including the Mayo Clinic.

To learn more about Reiki in a medical setting, visit

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