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About Chakras

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

The wellness and meditation world seems to focus a lot on chakras.

I want to focus on the basics of this idea, and why it’s helpful when it comes to our well-being as humans.

Our biological energy field is quite complex, and is not well-understood to most of us. We just live in these bodies, it doesn’t mean we understand all their energetic workings!

The chakra system is a way of conceptualizing the complex energetic mechanism that makes up our bodies- something we can visualize.

The word chakra means "wheel". Each chakra is an energetic center that rotates within us.

When energy is flowing and balanced in the chakras, we feel balanced and well. When energy is not flowing well, or if it is flowing in excess from a chakra, you feel an imbalance.

As an example, many of us might fixate on a problem, and keep going over it in our mind. The result of diverting so much energy to mentally focusing on a problem results in an excess in the flow to the crown chakra or third eye chakra. This means that the energy that would normally flow equally to your lower chakras is diminished, perhaps leaving you feeling fearful and unstable.

An awareness of the chakras allows us to tune into our feelings and work with our chakra system to rebalance. The great thing is that chakras can usually be balanced very easily.

Reiki can be used to quickly scan and balance the chakras. Colors, stones, and sound frequencies are also helpful tools. Different types of food, herbs, and oils are also great ways to help support chakra balance.

If you'd like a short-but-sweet chakra balancing session, book an appointment with me!

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