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The Ceremony of Life

Each of us creates an energetic climate around us by how we enact the ceremony of life each day (Sandra Ingerman calls this 'walking in ceremony'). It happens in very ordinary ways, but that is where the richest potential to shift and alter our lives is found.

What are the basic components of your day?

What does the space around you look like and feel like? Do you consciously spend some time looking upward into the sky? Do you think about the stability of the Earth below you?

Is there time to listen to what your inner voice has to tell you? Is there music in your day, and what kind of mood does it create? Does your body feel nourished by the food you choose? Where is your attention flowing, and how much of your energy is diverted to things that aren’t truly helpful to your personal growth, balance, and wellness? Each one of these seemingly small parts are the materials our day is built of. We typically flow upon them in a haze of routine, and yet each of them has true powerful creative potential. Each small component, when decided with an intention, becomes a transformative force in the ceremony of our life. Though we aren't used to calling it a ceremony, each day truly is a flow of actions that determines what our life will become; a day is a ceremony of creation.

What small things in your life have you noticed make a big difference? Take a mental walk through a typical day, and what's always there for you? How might the smallest change create a change for you?

Here's a list of things I revisit from time to time:

Tidying a small space


Connecting with Nature

Planning nourishing meals

Finding Stillness

Using Music and Sound

Holding a Stone or Crystal

Noticing the Animals and Plants, the Sky, and the Beauty in All

Working with Beneficial Plant Medicine

Now, this is all meant to illuminate potential as a means of self-empowerment, not as an exercise in self-criticism or guilt. This is an invitation to choose a small thing that feels right for you, and for you to start working with that small thing in a very beautiful ceremony of your own.


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