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What's in a Guided Meditation Session?

On my list of services, you'll see one called "Guided Healing Meditation".

Soon after taking reiki training, it seemed like the universe laid out a path and gave me the nudge to take it. A friend offered me the opportunity to begin offering group meditations at her wellness center.

I was completely inexperienced, and a bit fearful, but the energy of the opportunity was undeniable, so I jumped in with both feet!

Over time, I was able to find a groove, where I didn't even need to script or outline the meditation -I showed up, connected to the energy of the event, and just flowed with it.

From that space came the idea to offer one-on-one personalized guided meditations.

So what exactly happens in our session?

We connect over the phone, and have a brief discussion. From there, I'll let you settle into a relaxed space, and I'll guide you in a meditation. What comes through in the meditation is guided intuitively by reiki, and is meant to flow energetically to address your personal needs and healing. Once finished, we can either end the call, or have a brief discussion about what came through (that part's up to you).

I'll record the meditation on my end, and send you the file so you can revisit and listen as often as you'd like.

These meditations can be a source of deep healing relaxation and can help re-center you.

Because these can be done from the comfort of home, I'm able to offer these for a very low cost. If you feel like a personalized meditation might be helpful, I'd love to have you book a session with me.

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